Nekromantix, The Silver Shine, No Buffer & Angie and the CarWrecks Kick Off Summer at Seattle’s El Corazon, By Holly Homan

nekromantix1Friday was the last day of school and I wasted no time in starting my summer vacation from teaching at Seattle’s illustrious El Corazon while they hosted a night of punk/psychobilly that won’t soon be forgotten. The infamous Nekromantix headlined a night that had already heated up thanks to three stellar opening bands. More on them later.

nekro6The Nekromantix are unique in that Danish front man Kim Nekroman constructed his stand up bass from a real child’s coffin. By the time the Nekromantix came on stage, the club was full, yet moments before it had been at about 50% capacity. So those who showed late missed some pretty skankin’ bands. Sucks to be you now, doesn’t it?

When the band lit into their song Gargoyles Over Copenhagen I got slammed into so many times I thought my legs would be chopped off before the night was through.

nekro3Often while watching this band it was difficult to keep my eyes on just one of the three members because they’re all doing something. Whether it’s Kim Nekroman licking his bass strings (channeling Jimi Hendrix, perhaps?) to Franc running about the stage without missing a lick on guitar, to Lux, diminutive behind the drums but slamming them with blind fury. What was totally amazing in Lux is that she never seemed to break a sweat nor was any carefully coiffed strand dislodged in her manic drumming. Meanwhile Nekroman rides his coffin shaped bass, holds it above his head and plays it like a guitar all without missing a lick.

I still don’t know how I left that show NOT a double amputee. It was that wild! The Nekromantix finished their set with Haunted Cat House and then returned for a short encore. After seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm for this band, no can say Seattle doesn’t like the Nekromatnix.

Opening the show was Seattle’s Angie & the CarWrecks. This is my third time seeing them, but I’m a huge fan. Ever see a hootenanny punk band complete with a washboard player who looks like he belongs in a kilt hurling the javelin? Ever see a stand-up bass player with a grass green mohawk play barefoot and shirtless on top of a light table? Then there’s Angie’s throaty vocals and screaming combined with her unwavering charisma and this is Angie & the CarWrecks. Each time I’ve seen them they’ve been very enthusiastically received. A small circle pit got ignited almost immediately. I have no memory of any band opening a four band night receiving such raucous cheers.

Following Angie was another Seattle band, No Buffer. Formed in 2011, these guys are still in their infancy, but you wouldn’t know it by watching them on stage. They play with as much prowess as a band with ten times their age.

No Buffer is more of a hard core punk/pop band with a bass player who practically steals the show. He has long, thick tresses that he repeatedly whips around and peers out from as he spins around and drops to his knees and basically never stops moving. The mosh pit totally caught fire as they whipped the crowd into a crazed frenzy. I will be looking out for No Buffer for future gigs. These guys rocked the house to smithereens.

After No Buffer came a band I’ve been waiting for about a year to see. That would be The Silver Shine from Budapest, Hungary. They were supposed to open for the last Seattle performance of the Nekromantix but canceled last minute. They were well worth the wait!

The Silver Shine bring their own brand of psychobilly and consist of, Krista Kat on upright bass and vocals, Ati EDGE, guitar/vocals and Furo on drums. The vocals were shared by Ati and Krista and belied yet complemented each other beautifully — Krista with her ice crystal voice and Ati who sounds like his throat is made of sand paper. During their set was when I was seriously worrying I’d be chopped off at the hips just from being slammed into the edge of the stage so many times. They finished their set with a rocked up psyched up version of Tainted Love that was much better than the original. The Silver Shine kick some psychobilly butt and I’m elated I finally got the chance to see them. My 19-year-old son discovered them and played them for me. He was in attendance with me and claimed his favorites besides The Silver Shine were No Buffer. High praise indeed.

I still haven’t come down from this show. What a way to kick off summer!

Holly Homan

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