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Eat at Dick’s Drive In, By Holly Homan

dicks-drive-in-restaurantHere in Seattle we have Dick’s Drive-In. Dick’s has been around since the mid-50s and hasn’t changed his menu since. He uses real beef for his burgers, real potatoes for his fries and real dairy for his ice cream and shakes. He hires locally and pays his employees about $1.50 above what the chain fast food joints pay. He also gives kids he hires, money for college if they’ve been there awhile. He promotes from within. He encourages education (although he did give $ for charter schools (no one’s perfect). A couple years ago in celebration of their 50th anniversary or some such, cheeseburgers were selling for like 50 cents. My son and I stood in line over an hour to cash in on the deal. It was worth it.

Holly Homan

(Dick’s is featured at the end of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s seminal Seattle rap video from 1987, “Posse on Broadway.”)

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