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Van Morrison – I Can’t Stop Loving You – Crazy Love (with Ray Charles) By Ron Swanson

I don’t know that I’ve heard this version before, but it is pretty good:

I’ve loved Van’s reading of it since Hymns to the Silence, but this is nice.

Never had heard this either.

I am becoming more and more a fan of Youtube. It pretty much replaces my worn out turntable and tape player at this point. That might be worthy of a post for the 30 (35, 40, 45)? types out there. Kind of a human interest thing – when I wanted a friend to hear a song, I might have to drag them to my apartment to share. Now it’s available in a split second on phones or there whenever anyone would like to hear it on Facebook.

OK, I’ve probably exhausted my thoughtfulness for February now.

Ron Swanson

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