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Moms: Feel like You’re Losing Your Mind? Get it Back With Trivia


There’s not a mom, dad or child caretaker on earth that doesn’t sometimes feel that dealing with their little ones is sapping their ability to converse on sophisticated world topics like they used to. Kids need things simplified and unless you gave birth to Einstein, you probably find yourself talking to kids in a language all their own. Not necessarily baby talk, but not articulate, well-versed English either. What can be done? You can’t upgrade the kid to Henry Kissinger level (who understands him anyway). What you can do to save both your intellect and your sanity is to exercise your brain.

Ga Ga Goo Goo

While this banter may delight your children, it may also deplete your brain power. Granted there are facts that just about every high school and college graduate knows. But then there’s a whole world of information that eludes most people but they really should know: Religion, history, politics, sociology, anthropology, archeology, English, geography and so much more. How do you stay sharp? You can work at it and have fun at the same time. You can even include your kids in the trivia quizzes depending on subject matter and their age. You learn and so do they; what better way for parents and kids to interact?

Put your Brain in Overdrive

Trivia sites such as are out there and waiting for you and your mental abilities to take them for a drive. They include The Food Quiz, Distance and Measurements and Money Management. Under Geography you’ll find the United States Geography Quiz, The European Geography Quiz and the Asian Quiz. With any luck you’ll be in step with Newt Gingrich, former Geography professor in no time at all.

The History of Just About Everywhere

Nothing is more reveling about a culture or a nation than its history. To that end, offers an American History Quiz, a South American History Quiz, a Europe History Quiz, an Asian History Quiz and even an African History Quiz. If you and your kids knew as much world history as you do lyrics to pop songs you’d all be at least esteemed professors with tenure in no time.

And That’s Just the Beginning

Subjects including science, math, the bible and even movie, music and sports are included. Testing your knowledge though trivia is a great and entertaining way to learn yourself and to bond with your children. Think about breaking the quizzes into mealtime size segments: Consider a dinner entitled “Meatloaf and Movies” or a breakfast titled “Eggs and Existentialism”. This would allow you to disseminate information to the whole family in a fun yet brief and easy way, and at the same time keeping your personal data sharp for those so rare conversations with educated adults not currently trying to insert a binky.

Author Betty Buchannan is an avid blogger. Want to have a fun family night? Go to to find fun and educational trivia to entertain the family.

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