Cliff Nobles & Co. – Love Is All Right (The Horse) – 1968, By Davin Michael Stedman

I just got off the phone with Jabrille AKA Jimmy James. There is no way for us talk for less than 75 minutes on the subject of SOUL. He does most of the talking because he’s one of the foremost experts on the classic era SOUL on planet earth. If you are playing guitar or bass and you want to learn more about the foundation of the blues and Black History in the music we call American, contact Mr. Jimmy James. He’s one of the best session and gig guitar players in town and if you’re a band leader, and you want to play something from the cannon of SOUL, he already knows it; the live, the studio, and the noteworthy cover versions. Talk to the Doctor. He gave me a list of songs to study. I’ve heard this track before in passing, but for me it’s time to get up in it, and truly listen; with my sleeves rolled up.

– Davin Michael Stedman

Bump this 45 on this beautiful day:

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