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Carly Simon – That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be

In addition to youthful Carly’s full lips, porcelain teeth and shapely thigh, this delicious live clip features George Harrison talking with Art Garfunkel sotto voce about being overshadowed by bandmates. MC Wiki P calls this an art song in the tradition of Gabriel Faure, and it surely packs some punch, even all these years later. It will never overshadow “You’re so Vain,” but it’s a worthy second.

“Carly Simon’s voice cuts through the veil that shelters our most heartfelt feelings and gracefully tickles our sleeping emotions in an angelic and soulful performance of timeless beauty….” adds Paul Johnson.

“Of course, Carly’s marriage to James Taylor didn’t last. The song kind of predicted that….” says Robert.

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