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The Big Wu – Break of Day, By Bambi Rowson

BigWuThe Big Wu have been around for more than 20 years. Based out of Minneapolis, they are one of the greatest live bands I’ve ever heard. I’ll bet that soon there will be all kinds of live sets on their website, so if you’re in the mood for something different, check these guys out. Yes, they are friends of mine. They started out as a Dead cover band whose originals quickly became crowd faves; awesome tunes full of get-down LSD-twist dancing energy.

As for me, I’m hitting the road next week, going from the edge of civilization to what us Kansassians (my new nickname is “Kim Kansassian”) call “really out there” to record some exciting new originals. They want me to do vocals and piano. I guess I’ve used up all my “manic mandolin” moments with the locals, so it is a good thing my whole identity isn’t tied up in that one instrument, but ya know how it goes.

– Bambi Rowson

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