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Four Tips for Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

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Whether you’ve made the decision to move into an assisted living facility or are helping a loved one choose the right living environment, it can be a stressful time. The thought of losing independence, being reliant upon others and moving from a much-loved home can cause feelings of anxiety. It’s incredibly important that you choose the right facility in order to make the transition, and subsequent living, smooth. Here are four tips for choosing the right facility for you or your loved one:

1.Know Your Budget

It’s unfortunate that money needs to be a consideration when it comes to health care, but it does. Before you choose a facility, you should sit down and determine exactly what it is that you can afford. You don’t want to tour facilities, make a choice and then find that you can’t afford the rent.

Find out what is included in the price. Most facilities include utilities, food and general care in the cost of rent. Other facilities may include meals but nothing else. When you know what your money will be paying for, you will have a better idea of what you can afford.

2.Choose a Location

Deciding where you will live is important in your comfort factor. Have you always dreamed of moving to a warmer climate or is it your desire to be as close to your loved ones as possible? Most seniors choose a facility in their local region, making it easy for their children and other relatives to visit. Remember that the living situation will be a new one for you; you may not want to remove yourself completely from the people that you love.

3.Know Your Needs

Assisted living facilities provide varying levels of care. If you only need minor help, you may want to choose one facility. If, on the other hand, you are suffering with the beginning stages of dementia, you’ll want to choose a facility that can provide for your care in the future. When you are choosing a facility, be sure to ask what levels of care is provided, if there is any extra cost and, if the facility does not provide extensive care, who will.


Once you’ve created a short list of assisted living facilities, set up a tour with each one. Find out if you can visit a resident or two, or share a meal with the residents of the facility. You’ll often find out more if you talk to the people who live in the facility rather than speaking solely with the administrators. When you are touring, ask to see rooms, public areas and cafeterias. Ask about activities that are available for residents and pay close attention to the staff. Do they look happy? Are they walking through the halls dead on their feet? Remember that this is where you, or your loved one, will be living; the experience should be as pleasant as possible.

Choosing the right assisted living facility needs to be done carefully. While there is no law that says you can’t move, moving is a hassle that you can do without. When you make an effort to pick the facility that is best suited to your budget, needs and lifestyle, you’re ensuring your comfort and happiness.

– Mike Leighton blogs for elderly care sites. If you or a loved one needs assisted living care, learn more here.

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