Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, By Davin Michael Stedman

raidersparkaMy PLAN: to sneak a 40 of Old English into Benaroya Hall and catch the Seattle Symphony. They will never be able to find the 40 because I’m going to wear a huge XXXL 90’s era Raiders Parka. I think I can score some tickets if I genuinely cover the event as a music journalist. But where am I going to get the Starter jacket? Who’s with me? You’re either in or you’re out.

…and someone please help me come up with a classical friendly drinking game. I don’t usually get too ripped at shows, but I think to fully grasp the material, I need to drink like it’s 1827; when Beethoven died before he could write his Tenth Symphony.

I will pour out a little liquor for the homie, but I’m not an animal, I’ll pour it into the restroom sink.

Davin Michael Stedman and his band, Staxx Brothers, are coming soon to amphitheater near you!

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