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Growing Your Hair? Don’t Believe the Hype


Whether you’re growing out a pixie cut or just want to gain a few inches on your medium length hair, as soon as people know that you’re trying to adopt a longer hair style, you’re going to be bombarded with advice. While some hair-growing tips are tried and true, others are nothing but hype. Here are ten of the most common hair myths:

1.Frequent Trims

You’ll undoubtedly be told by someone in the know that you should trim your hair every eight to ten weeks if you want it to grow faster. In reality, trimming only gets rid of split ends and makes your hair appear healthier.

2.Quit Dying

If you use chemicals on your hair, you’re not going to inhibit its growth. Perms and dyes may damage your hair, but leaving your hair in its natural state will not make it grow more quickly. If you want to cover your grays, go for it.

3.Prenatal Vitamins

Well-intentioned people will tell you to take prenatal vitamins to make your hair grow faster. Vitamins and their resultant effect on hair is not exactly a myth, but it’s not exactly true. Some people experience faster hair growth when they take folic acid, biotin or B-complex vitamins; others do not.

4.Rotating Shampoos

If you find a shampoo that you love, stick with it. It is a myth that shampoo stops working if you use it too frequently. If, however, you color your hair, increase your use of styling tools, or notice that its condition has changed, look for a new shampoo.

5.Cold Water

The notion that rinsing your hair in cool or cold water is better for hair growth is bunk. Your hair does not contain any living cells and, therefore, does not react to temperature. Unless you enjoy plunging your head under a stream of freezing cold water, stick with your hot shower.

6.Infrequent Washings

According to Jeffrey Benabio, MD, a dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, how often you wash your hair is a personal choice. Washing your hair daily does not increase oil production, nor does washing your hair infrequently diminish oil production; it’s all in your genes.


Have you ever fallen for the one about slathering your hair with mayonnaise? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people who smear mayonnaise or oil on their hair only experience greasy, heavy locks. Leave the mayo on your sandwiches where it belongs.

8.Top to Bottom

Despite what you may think, running your comb from the roots to tips of your wet hair can cause breakage. While this won’t slow down the rate of hair growth, consistent breakage can make it seem as though you can’t grow your hair to save your life.

9.Half an Inch

While the average rate of hair growth may be half of an inch per month, this doesn’t hold true for everyone. If you are obsessed with growing out your hair, put the ruler away; you’re only going to stress yourself out.

10.Once Straight…

It’s not unusual for people with short hair to grow it out, only to find that its texture has changed. The texture of our hair is not set in stone; medications, hormones and nutrition play a large part on the texture of our hair. If you’re once baby-fine, straight locks have turned wavy, don’t panic.

As you grow out your hair, it’s important that you understand what will and what won’t work. If you’re ends are healthy, skip the trims. If you love your shampoo, stick with it. If you want to grow your hair more quickly, pay attention to what you’re eating, drink plenty of water and try out a vitamin or two; otherwise, just sit back and wait.

– Lisa Winters blogs for If you’re trying to grow out your hair, find great tips for hair care.

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