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The Perks of Sending Your Child to Band Camp

DHS Marching Band Camp

It doesn’t matter how old they are or what time of year it is, parents are always planning for the summer. When you’re working long hours, you don’t want the kids to stay home all day when they could have a chance to exercise their minds, build social skills, and enrich themselves with new experiences. That’s why so many moms and dads love when summer camp time comes around. And if you have children who are passionate about a musical instrument, specialized music camps for band and orchestra-minded kids can be an amazing opportunity. As much as summer camp can do for your child’s self-esteem and academic future, studying music does even more. So when you can combine these things, your son and daughter is destined to be a superstar onstage and off.

1. Making Friends

There’s nothing as great for your kids as finding friends who share similar interests. If they go to band camp. they will never again feel like playing an instrument is uncool, because they will meet so many kids their own age who share an excitement for music. This is especially good for younger kids who are transitioning into middle school, or middle schoolers who are transitioning to high school. They’ll be able to start out knowing a few faces and having friends in their music classes.

2. Learning from Professionals

Not only do music and band camps employ some of the greatest music educators in your area, they also work to connect young musicians with seasoned professionals in jazz, blues, rock, and classical. Quite a few musicians, some very famous, dedicate their time to teaching students what it’s like to make music a career. If your children are interested in pursuing the same thing, they will probably thank you for giving them a chance to go to camp.

3. Keeping Up with Practice

When school’s out, it can be harder than ever to get your budding young musician to sit down at the piano or pick up the violin. When they spend a few weeks at music camp, they will hone their skills for the next school year and probably have a lot of fun doing it. They might also learn new styles and improve their abilities, giving them a leg up when band practice rolls around in the fall.

4. Exploring Different Themes

Music camps come on all shapes and sizes and fit a variety of age groups. They can also be very specific. Jazz and rock and roll-themed camps are popping up all over the country, as well as church-sponsored music camps with a religious bent and camps where they can also take singing and theater lessons. These camps can be in the mountains, desert, or even in the city, with regular field trips to professional shows. No matter what kind of music your child is interested in, there is usually a program designed to meet their needs more closely, in an environment where they’ll have the most fun.

Band camp can be a rewarding experience for any child who is interested in music. Your son or daughter’s instrument will help them think and learn better. Statistically, musical kids are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol, get good grades, and go to college by almost astronomical numbers. Any opportunity you can provide for your children to immerse themselves in the world of music is part of providing them with a brighter future. Next summer, you should consider leaving the doors open.

– Stacie Everett writes for education blogs nationwide. If you enjoy music and believe in it as an education tool, you may enjoy a career in music education. Several schools offer degrees in music education including University of Florida and New York University.

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