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Bigfoot Sighted Near Bend, Oregon – Video Provides Definitive Proof!

bigfootIn the beginning, this video of an alleged Bigfoot sighting in Oregon’s Christmas Valley looks like outtakes from the old Bonanza program. Little Joe rode through terrain like this every week on his way to getting beaten up in Virginia City. Then Hoss would ride through the same terrain on his way to save Little Joe.

Then, in video below, after the Sasquatch has run off and the male camera operator has returned to the car and started talking to his girlfriend in suspiciously expository dialogue, the whole thing started to look and sound like a car commercial, a sensible foreign compact car commercial where advertisers enrich their sales pitch with shaky camera moves and cutesy interactions between a too-perfect young couple.

And then the video ends and we never get to see all of the Bigfoot.

Here’s what the posters of this video declared in the Youtube description, “We were out hunting when we were lucky enough to have the camera going and spotted what we believe to be Bigfoot in the Christmas Valley Oregon area. According to the locals, there have been many sasquatch sightings in the Christmas Valley area over the last few months.”

All you can do, dear reader, is judge the veracity of this suspect clip for yourself.

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