Bill Clinton on Saxophone 1992, By Davin Michael Stedman

I’m doing some research for a new Staxx Brothers song, “Slick Willie.” I like to get my facts straight, even when the narrator is lying. This is the first time I’ve actually seen Clinton’s legendary saxophone performance on Arsenio Hall. He stepped up and ripped “Heartbreak Hotel” with soul. Those are great chops for a guy so far removed from high school jazz. If you disagree look at that very predominantly Black crowd losin’ their sh*t and on their feet. Hate Slick Willie if you wanna’, but this is why Paul Mooney called Clinton our first Black President. My song is going to rip him apart, but when he’s alone, in his office in Harlem, he going to open the window to the street below and bump “Slick Willie” with the bass all they way up. He may even bust out the ol’ sax.

If we promise to take it to the grave, it may even be Willie on the album. You know he never passes up a chance to get some… if you can keep a secret.

Davin Michael Stedman and his band, Staxx Brothers, are coming soon to amphitheater near you!

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