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Five Ways to Increase Your Earning Power

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Have you ever looked at your friends and wondered how they are able to earn so much more money than you? What sets these friends apart from the rest of your peer group? The secret they possess that you don’t is earning power. Your successful friends aren’t necessarily smarter than you or more lucky; they simply have more marketability. Here are five ways that you can increase your earning power:

1.Increase Your Skill Set

Take a good look at the skills you currently possess. Are the skills you have in high-demand? If not, it’s time to teach yourself a few new things. For example, if you want to work outside of your home, you’ll find it very difficult to find a job today if you don’t possess computer skills. While you don’t need to know how to take a PC apart and put it back together, you should have an above-average knowledge of how to operate one. This is just one example of many. If you research the skills that employers are looking for, you’ll be able to create a list of the skills that you could learn or improve upon.

2.Learn How to Network

If you’re looking for a better job or a higher-paying career, you need to learn the skill of networking. In the working world, it really is all about who you know. If you aren’t comfortable introducing yourself to people or getting back in touch with old contacts, you need to change the way that you feel. Most people are happy to help you if you only get the courage to ask.

3.Change Your Attitude

Do you walk through life with a chip on your shoulder? Do you frown more often than you smile? Your attitude may be the thing that’s holding you back. Take a long, hard look at yourself or, better yet, ask a trusted friend to be brutally honest. Bosses don’t want to hire people who are bounce-off-of-the-walls happy, but they also don’t want to hire people who walk around the office looking as if the world is on their shoulders.

4.Be Willing to Change

For some people, earning power is something that they already have. Many people are uncomfortable with change and refuse to move on. If your current job isn’t paying you what your worth, why not look for a new one? If you’ve been working your job for years, only because you are too afraid to move on, you’re potentially holding yourself back from a much higher paycheck.

5.Go Back to School

Going back to school can increase your earning power, especially if you don’t already have a degree. Even a two-year degree can help you earn more money than you are now. If you already have a degree, consider pursuing your bachelors or masters. Each degree level can increase your earning power exponentially.

If you want to start earning more money, the power is in your hands. If you are waiting for someone to knock on your door and hand you a job, it’s time to change your attitude and your skill set. You are in control of how much money you earn. Follow the tips above and your earning power will increase drastically.

– Sheri Bivons is a full-time writer for higher ed blogs and journals nationwide with a focus on online education opportunities. Several schools offer online education degrees in public administration, including University of Southern California and San Francisco State University.

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