Conquistador – With a Love Like That

LA based artist Conquistador, aka Alex Antebi, is a true one of a kind! His look– body suits, Russian hats, heels, and award winning moustache— is just the start of it. He’s a true champion of freedom of self-expression and is proud member of LA’s LGBT community though he is straight. He’s been the doorman at Mr Black and has been known to be carried on stage by Go Go boys! Other artists who have championed him include Madness, who brought him on stage at Coachella, and Kiefer Sutherland, who has gotten undressed at his shows! He’s also been nominated for Latin Grammys as a co-writer. There’s a serious side to the fun which is being brave enough to be exactly who you want to be. Here’s his new video for “With a Love Like That”:

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