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My Dad Bruce – Popcorn, By Davin Michael Stedman

FULL DISCLAIMER: My father’s name is Bruce.

I love My Dad Bruce’s new music video for “Popcorn.” Good song, nice video, BAD ASS BOAT. Not much more you can ask for accept I could have used a water ski and a chopper. Rappers been sleeping on the helicopter / water ski combo since The Fugees son! I also need to mention that I didn’t realize that Jesus Chris Willis was that silky on the vocals. I knew he was silky, but HE’S SO SILKY!

But alas my only criticism is at the 2:00 minute mark when rapper Julian Friedman claims he won’t ‘ask a girl to wobble her hips’. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but as a Creole child of Puerto Rico, in my mind, there is nothing holier than a girl wobbling her hips to some good ass music. And as a feminist, I imagine it’s quite liberating. But overlooking the call for girls not to shake their hips, EXCELLENCE my boys. BRAVO, BRAVO.

This is The Fugees video for ‘Ready or Not’ I was referring to, which is clearly superior in terms of the following ingredients: a) Helicopter b) Jet Ski. And can anybody get me a damn submarine? This is why rap has completely fallen off in the 21st century.

Davin Michael Stedman

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