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Johnny Hoffman and The Residents at Studio Seven, Great Show, Hot Photos, By Holly Homan

[Editor’s Note – On Sunday October 7, 2012 a great show went down at Studio Seven in Seattle. One of the rockin’ bands to win over the audience was Johnny Hoffman and the Residents. A complete description of the show with photos of headlining band, the Koffin Kats, can be found here. Since Johnny Hoffman and the Residents turned out to be such an amazing band loaded with firm, hot, young, muscular and occasionally shirtless musicians who have an incredibly loyal fan base, we’ve decided to dedicate a new page to their photos from the 10/7 show. Below is Holly Homan’s description of Johnny Hoffman and the Residents and below that are her incredible photos.]

“…Johnny Hoffman and the Residents. This is a young band. I doubt any of the three members were even twenty yet. Their music blended several different styles. It was mostly slow and deliberate, but they also put out a lot of power for a trio. Their songs bore elements of hard rock and Seattle Grunge and I also heard elements of the sixties (at one point I heard some Deep Purple). They were quite well received and even got a small circle pit going for most their show.”

Holly Homan

All photos property of Holly Homan, all rights reserved.

A complete description of the show can be found here.

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