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The King Blues’ Video For Wasted Words Falls Woefully Short, By Holly Homan

The King Blues have released their latest video for their new song “Wasted Words.” Even though the King Blues’ songwriter, Itch, still manages to come up with creative rhymes, the content is just another boyfriend/girlfriend breakup song with a synthetic female vocalist adding harmony. In other words, it’s just like 90% of the songs and videos out there.

The King Blues’ last video, for their song, Does Anybody Care About Us? was a stunning anthem for the 99% who are getting tossed away like yesterday’s garbage while those in power allow the one percent to hoard all the wealth, leaving little to nothing for the rest of us.

The King Blues have been one of the few bands who have consistently written songs about the injustices of the economic collapse and its causes. In a day when most the music aired on commercial radio (granted, The King Blues have never been aired on commercial radio in the US) are banal and designed to dumb us down even further, it’s refreshing and inspiring to hear a band actually singing protest music. I’m not saying all their songs should be protest songs. Their earlier songs about relationships have actually taken a more unique view than Wasted Words. With Wasted Words, it seems as if the band is trying to copy a commercial sound and that just ruins The King Blues as we’ve known them.

Holly Homan

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